The power of your Will

The Amnesty logo created from 26,105 candles in a vigil in to support human rights activists that also set a world record for the largest outdoor candle display. © Wouter Missiaen

Leaving a gift in your Will to Amnesty will help ensure that we can continue to shine a light of hope and bring the promise of freedom even in the darkest corners of the world, long after our time here.

Of course, we understand that you want to look after your family and loved ones. After you do this, you may wish to consider a gift in your Will to Amnesty.


Organising your will is one of the most important things you will ever do. A will protects your family and loved ones, and ensures that your estate is divided among the people you love in the way you intend.

Your will is also a powerful way to ensure that your values live on, far into the future. A bequest to Amnesty will help ensure we can continue our work on human rights for future generations.

All of our work is only possible because of supporters like you. To safeguard our independence and integrity, we do not accept funding from any governments and we have strict probity measures when accepting funds from organisations.

“Leaving a bequest to Amnesty International Australia through my will means that I will still be able to speak out – even when I’m no longer around”Alice Beauchamp, Amnesty International supporter

Your gift to Amnesty will help safeguard a future world where human rights are respected, defended and upheld. It’s a gift that will ensure that the values you hold so dear will live on for your loved ones and across generations to come.

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