Why a bequest to Amnesty matters

To maintain our independence, we accept no government funding, which means the support of everyday people is so important. Without financial support from donors – including charitable gifts in wills – the vital services, research projects, campaigning and life-saving help that Amnesty delivers
simply would not happen.

The generous supporters who leave a bequest to Amnesty help ensure the work of promoting and defending human rights will continue long into the future.

Organising your Will

Organising your will is one of the most important things you will ever do. A will protects your family and loved ones, and ensures that your estate is divided among the people you love in the way you intend.

Your will is also a powerful way to ensure that your values live on, far into the future. A bequest to Amnesty will help ensure we can continue our work on human rights for future generations.

“Leaving a bequest to Amnesty International Australia through my will means that I will still be able to speak out – even when I’m no longer around”Alice Beauchamp, Amnesty International supporter


Contact our Fundraising Coordinator for Bequests by filling out
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Already have us in your will?

If you have already included Amnesty International Australia in your will, we would like to thank you personally for your generous gift. Please let us know either by email or by telephone on 1300 300 920.

Are you a probate solicitor?

Are you interested in offering free or discounted will-making services? We keep a list of probate solicitors ready to offer a free or discounted will-making service to Amnesty International supporters.