Join us for an exhilarating soccer tournament that unites communities and champions refugee rights! In collaboration with Reclink, Amnesty International Australia (ALC for ACT/SNSW) is thrilled to announce an annual event that harnesses the power of soccer to build solidarity and advocate for increased humanitarian intake in Australia.

This tournament, kicking off on 23 June 2024 during Refugee Week, will feature two dynamic teams from communities deeply impacted by crisis and forced displacement.

This event is more than just a game; it’s a powerful platform for raising awareness and changing hearts and minds about refugee rights. By bringing together affected communities and other stakeholders, we aim to foster a spirit of unity and support for refugees and asylum seekers striving to rebuild their lives safely in Australia.

Be part of the action and join us for a day filled with excitement, community spirit, and impactful advocacy. Representatives from Reclink and Amnesty International will deliver inspiring speeches, and you’ll have the opportunity to engage with MPs and other key partners dedicated to this vital cause.

Contact Christian at 0447479441 or if you would like to attend!

Event Contact




Canberra ACT, Australia


June 23, 2024

3:00 pm