Game Over: Get People to Safety


Samad was a talented cricket player and dreams of playing again. He still dreams of showing what he can do when he is free. But after 7 years detained, he’s tired. He wants to see his family again. He misses them. But Samad fears that if he goes home, he’ll be killed. 


Adam is from Darfur, Sudan. He’s been stranded for 7 years. He just wants his freedom so he can rebuild his life, but he needs our help to ensure he can settle somewhere. Adam loves Liverpool FC and dreamt of being a footballer. He played football when he was in school. They are some of his greatest memories. 


Ezatullah is a world-champion kickboxer, with an incredible desire to make something of his life. Ezatullah was Pakistan’s youngest kickbox champion but was forced to flee. Earlier this year, he won a world title bout. He is stuck in Port Moresby where he trains alone and dreams of freedom. He needs our help.


Mohammed is a farmer from Sudan. He hasn’t seen his two young daughters for 7 years. One of them, he has never met. He worries about them every minute of every day. While locked up on Manus, his wife was murdered. He found out on the short weekly call he was allowed to make, and has had to live that reality for years.He’s stranded in Port Moresby and is tired, sick and beyond his endurance. He just wants his freedom so he can rebuild his life. 


Moz is a Kurdish Refugee who escaped his home after a siege. He is a talented musician who has inspired many others through his songwriting. He dreams of a life filled with music. Moz spent 7 years in PNG with severe asthma until he was Medevaced at the end of 2019. Instead of getting the treatment he requires, Moz remains trapped in a hotel, unable to leave, with no knowledge of what’s next. 


Shamidan studied marketing and had a promising career ahead of him in Sri Lanka until he was persecuted for helping others through his social work. Shamindan had to flee and, unfortunately, thought that Australia was a safe haven. He has been an incredible support to others on Manus island and is now stranded in Port Moresby, still waiting for his freedom.