Get involved in our #OpenToSyria campaign

Feeling hopeless about the plight of Syria’s refugees? Well, now there’s something you can do. Join us in showing that Australia is #OpentoSyria by taking part in our photo action.

What’s happening in Syria?

The conflict in Syria has now been raging for almost four years. Beyond the massive destruction and loss of life, the conflict has created the greatest refugee crisis since the Second World War.

Almost four million people have been forced to flee the conflict.

Around a third are children.

What is the rest of the world doing to help?

Western governments have taken in only a few thousand people.

Amnesty International is calling on capable countries around the world to give protection to 380,000 Syrian refugees. This is the number the United Nations considers to most urgently need protection through resettlement.

How can you help?

You can show that Australia is #OpentoSyria by taking part in our photo action. We’ll present your photos to senior politicians at key meetings at the United Nations this year, to demonstrate the incredible scale of support for Syrian refugees.

Follow these simple instructions and add your voice to the campaign.

1) Print or write an #OpenToSyria mini-placard.

2) Take a photo of yourself with the #OpentoSyria mini-placard making a welcoming gesture.

Stuck for ideas? Try standing with your arms wide open or beside your open front door. You could even take the photo doing something iconically Australian (extra points for taking the photo while surfing!)

3) Upload the photo to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr and include the hashtag #OpentoSyria.

4) You can also upload your photo to our #OpentoSyria campaign on Tumblr.

Keep up with the campaign at our #OpentoSyria Storify page and keep an eye out for your photo!