We only know half of our groups. Tell us about you!

Over the last two months staff and volunteers have been calling our 200+ group conveners to learn about our groups – how you are, how you run and what we can do better to support you all. But we haven’t reached all of you…

We will be sharing the findings from our Group Health Check Report before the end of the year. Be sure you’re a part of it!  Ask your group convener to respond to the survey by 14 Nov.

We know how important our local action groups are. The conversations that you have in your community, the leaders you develop, the actions you take all contribute to changing the human rights situation around the world.

Of course there is always more to do. We need more groups, more conversations, more people and more actions to achieve the change we want to see in our world; where people are safe to express their opinions, to seek protection, to love equally and to write freely.

In order to grow more groups, develop more leaders and support you all better we need to get a sense of where we are at now. What’s working, what isn’t working, what we can do better.

Please talk to your convener/co-convener today to make sure that your group has completed the Group Health Check by 14 November. Conveners have been sent the survey via email.

Find out here if your group has responded or not. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with activism@amnesty.org.au or your Community Organiser today.

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Amanda Atlee is the Organising Lead at Amnesty International Australia