The right to protest is a fundamental human right. Yet we are still seeing governments in Australia and across the world crack down on this freedom and implement restrictive and punitive laws.

The role of a Human Rights Observer is to document infringements on the freedom of association and peaceful assembly, and to ensure that Australians are able to freely exercise their rights and have their voices heard.

Human Rights Observers are Amnesty International trained representatives, who will be deployed to protests, rallies and other public situations where there is a significant threat that human rights violations may occur. HROs objectively and impartially observe, document and report back on incidents that may occur. 

Become a Human Rights Observer

Key responsibilities of a Human Rights Observer

  • Complete online training to become a Human Rights Observer
  • Attend protests in your region where Amnesty Human Rights Observers are deployed
  • For the duration of protests, impartially observe and document any human rights abuses or potential human rights abuses you see
  • Liaise with police, media, event organisers and marshalls to ensure safety of protesters
  • Represent Amnesty by abiding by our Values and Behaviours charter, and comply with the law

If you’re interested in becoming a Human Rights Observer, please complete this Expression of Interest and you will be invited to the next training session.

Please note- this program requires existing knowledge of human rights and Amnesty International values. If you are not yet involved with Amnesty as an activist, please sign up here to attend our next GetActive induction session.

Deployment Requests

Human Rights Observers are deployed in specific circumstances – large rallies with a significant number of participants, where human rights, including the right to protest, are likely to be at risk. Police and participant relations may already be tense, and police overreach may have occurred or is likely to occur. Human Rights Observers help protect the right to protest by witnessing interactions and preventing police overreach.

If you’re a group or organisation looking to partner and have HROs present at your protest or rally, please complete this form. 

Partners – request Human Rights Observers

If you’re an HRO team looking to deploy your team, please check over the below criteria & complete this form for approval. 

HROs – deploy your team


  • Values of organisers and event align with AIA values
  • AIA staff and activists are not attending as participants
  • We have been invited by the organisers
  • We have a minimum of six HROs, including one coordinator, media liaison, and police liaison
  • HRO team have the capacity, availability, and interest to deploy

Our Movement Manager Sarah Gooderham will review and we will respond to your request as soon as possible.

If you have any questions in the meantime, you can direct them to Rachel at

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