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Your generous gift will help fund crucual interpreter services for people seeking asylum in Australia.

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Thousands of people attempting to seek asylum in Australia need our help, in a language they can understand.

$83 will cover the cost of an interpreter for a person seeking asylum, so our Amnesty Caseworkers can provide crucial information and support.

In a move that’s created panic, the Australian Government has cut the length of time asylum seekers have to apply for protection visas, from a flexible approach to a hard 60 days or even less. They’ve set thousands of vulnerable people up to fail. We can’t let this happen.

They’ve also stripped back vital support services, including essential interpreter services, for people seeking asylum. This is a move that promotes the isolation of desperate people, and the subsequent abuse of their basic rights. This is why giving today is so critical.

Syrian refugee woman holds her baby.

And the stakes couldn’t be higher. A wrong step, wrong form, wrongly worded claim and they could be sent back to the nightmare they’re so desperate to escape. This is a terrifying thought for people who fled war, persecution, even famine in search of safety.

This is why our Refugee Casework Team is so critical.

Every dollar you donate today will go towards providing an interpreter service to people seeking asylum that need our help, as part of our Refugee Casework Program.

Our Refugee Caseworkers don’t just assist and advocate – they can change lives.

They keep vulnerable people safe, work hard to make sure their applications are processed fairly and investigate human rights abuses in detention.

We’re able to:

  • Help get medical attention to those who need it, including sexual assault counselling for children.
  • Provide support during their refugee assessment process.
  • Help them navigate language and legal barriers.
  • Fight for intervention and justice for particularly vulnerable people.

More than that, we are a lifeline. We show vulnerable people seeking safety for their families that they are not alone.

But in order to help them, we need to understand them.

Over the years we’ve helped thousands of families stay safe and settle in Australia.

“Good news! I was released from detention last Friday as they granted me a Temporary Protection Visa. Thank you very much for your help and support. I will never forget how you helped me” – Egyptian Refugee


We’re a supporter funded organisation and do not accept Government funding for our campaign and advocacy work.

This means that your support is critical to ensuring this service continues.


*Everything we raise above $12,000 for the interpreter service will go towards funding other parts of our refugee casework program.


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