MILPAH Indigenous Movement, Honduras

Update 01/11/17: Good news! The person making death threats against MILPAH leader, Víctor Vásquez, has been convicted. In May 2016, Jorge Adalberto Vásquez attacked Víctor with a knife and threatened him in relation to his human rights work.  Please keep up the pressure and continue calling for the protection of MILPAH.

Take action to campaign for MILPAH Indigenous Movement, who are risking their lives to save their land in Honduras. 

Martin Gomez, Sub-Coordinator of the Independent Lenca Indigenous Movement of La Paz (MILPAH).
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For the Indigenous Lenca people in Honduras, the land is their life. But huge hydroelectric, mining and other interests are out to exploit that land. MILPAH, the Independent Lenca Indigenous Movement of La Paz, is at the forefront of the struggle against them. They brave smear campaigns, death threats and physical assault to protect their environment, yet their attackers are rarely brought to justice.

Tell Honduras to protect MILPAH now.

Download these resources and start campaigning in your community today:

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Please return all completed letters and petitions to your local action centre by 31 January 2018.

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