Non-Binary People’s Day is about more than ‘pronouns’

I never had the language to describe how I felt within myself in terms of my gender or sexuality. Terms like non-binary, gender non-conforming, gender diverse were foreign to me until recently and once I learned what they meant I knew it was me. I never came out as non-binary, or queer for that matter – I just am and the people around me know that.

I am a Gunggari non binary femme, my pronouns are they/them and I make allowances for mob to call me sis.

There’s always been this expectation that if you exist anywhere on the non-binary spectrum you’ve gotta serve androgyny and that you can’t really be ENBY unless you’re wearing an oversized suit and slicked hair, I’m here to tell you that whilst that is absolutely my favourite lewk, non-binary people don’t owe you a single thing.

See, non-binary folks have existed without oversized suits for as long as time itself.

In every culture in the world, there exists people who don’t conform to western/White/colonial constructs of gender identity – you should learn about them, their histories, and the significance and sheer magic of non-binary people from all around the world at all points of history.

Each year, there’s this special day just for us where we acknowledge and respect and celebrate how deadly non-binary folks are, while simultaneously providing free labour and education on who we are and the complexities of our identities. There’s not enough representation of non-binary babes in our worlds, and while there’s certainly more now then ever before, there’s still so much to go to get what we deserve.

See, the fight for representation, for understanding, for justice for my fellow non-binary babes is about more than pronouns and dismantling the expectation of androgyny, it’s about love and care that is affirming and validating.

This Non-Binary people’s day, I urge you to love those in your life who fall outside the gender binary, because that kinda love is radical, and we deserve it.

Maggie Munn (they/them) is a Gunggari person and campaigner for Amnesty International Australia.

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