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Raise the age: give kids the best chance to thrive

This year, the Community is Everything campaign will focus on raising the age a child can be locked up to at least 14 years and funding Indigenous-led alternatives to prison for kids between 10-13 that help them get back on track.

Campaign Resources

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In order to create the change we need, we have to build pressure at a local level across the country. Strong allied community pressure directed at elected state representatives across the country will send a clear message that it’s not okay to lock up children as young as 10.

For more information join our monthly meetings and download the campaign resources:

Download the Raise the age campaign TOOLKIT

Petition 1 Petition 2 FAQs MP Engagement Guide
10 ways to be a genuine ally to Indigenous communities
Report – The sky is the limit: keeping young children out of prison 

Fly Kites to Raise the Age

Get creative and encourage your community to make kites to help raise the age!

Download the template to make a small kite that children and adults can decorate and write notes to MPs or solidarity messages to show that they support raising the age. They also make great decorations and conversation starters. Check out some that activists in Sydney have made:


download kite template

Training: Ally training

Building strong partnerships with Indigenous organisations and communities is a key part of the success of your local campaign. Your Community Organiser will be running training in your state for groups interested in working on this campaign to maximise their local impact. Contact your Community Organiser to organise a session with your group.

For more background resources about our Community is Everything campaign, including our research, head to our campaign information page

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