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Since August 2017 hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees have fled Myanmar following unlawful and disproportionate military response to attacks by a Rohingya armed group. 

Though they have lived in Myanmar for generations, the Myanmar government have discriminated against the Rohingya for decades, subjecting them to abusive laws and policies and refusing to recognise them as citizens.

Since August last year the Myanmar military has unleashed a deadly assault on Rohingya people in Rakhine State. The Myanmar military has raped women and girls, starved people and burned hundreds of villages. Thousands of people are dead and more than 700,000 are living in refugee camps in neighbouring Bangladesh.

What can Australia do?

Our research shows that these crimes against humanity are part of a tightly controlled, systematic operation involving the Myanmar military and Border Guard Police.

The EU, the UK and Canada have cut ties with Myanmar’s military, refusing to engage with the perpetrators of ethnic cleansing and war crimes. And the US has taken steps to sanction senior military officials in Myanmar.

Meanwhile, the Australian Defence Department is continuing a cosy relationship with the Myanmar military, providing them with funding, training and other support.

We cannot stand back and let this continue.The Australian Government’s ongoing support of the Myanmar military sends a green light to the Myanmar military to continue their ethnic cleansing campaign.

A Rohingya woman holds her child. The woman is looking straight into the camera and the child is smiling and looking off-camera.
Senowara, a Rohingya refugee now living in Bangladesh with her child © Salman Saeed / Amnesty International

How we can make a difference

We need to make the Australian public aware of the situation for the Rohingya people and that Australia is funding the Myanmar military. By pressuring our leaders and showing them that Australians care about the Rohingya people we can help bring about long-term change.

We need to stand with the Rohingya people, raise our voices loudly and demand the Australian Government cut their relationship with the Myanmar military now.

You can help make this happen.

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Articles and research

We’ve been campaigning for #RohingyaRights for a long time. Here are some selected articles and reports that help explain the issues, who’s responsible, and what we can do about it.

Article: Who are the Rohingya and why are they fleeing Myanmar?

Report: ‘We will destroy everything’: Military responsibility for crimes against humanity in Rakhine State, Myanmar

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