Stand up for Women's Rights

Momentum is building – be part of the movement to stand up for women’s rights around the globe.

Around the world women and girls are prevented from making decisions about their lives and bodies. Many are subjected to violence, as well as other abuses of their human rights in countries that include Australia. Amnesty International Australia’s National Women’s Rights Network is committed to ensuring that women and girls are able to live with dignity and equality, free from discrimination and violence and are empowered to make decisions about their own bodies and lives.

A National Network of Women’s Rights Activists

Picture of Emiko, a member of the Women's Rights Network
Emiko, Women’s Rights Network Activist

My name is Emiko Mori-Wiffen and I’m a student, soon to be mum and passionate human rights defender and activist. I first started volunteering for Amnesty International in Perth in 2015 as an Activism Support Assistant, and joined the National Women’s Rights Network this year. The network is made up of a diverse group of women’s rights activists across Australia who share the belief that human rights abuses of women and girls are not acceptable.

We are dedicated in our commitment to empowering and protecting the rights of women and girls everywhere.  I joined this group as it felt like a starting point to paving the way for a future that recognises that men and women deserve equal opportunities in all areas of life.”

Creating Change

The network has big plans for the future, one of which includes developing and running a national campaign dedicated to defending the rights of women and girls. Right now, women’s rights activists across Australia are supporting one another, sharing knowledge, resources and ideas, and are tapping into new and existing opportunities. They are writing blogs, monitoring gender mainstreaming policy, engaging with women’s rights issues on social media and more. Contact us to get involved at and follow us online. 


Take Action

During December and January we are asking people to take action on two cases of women around the world who have faced persecution and violence. Sign and share these action with the hashtag #sheisbrave to show your support for these women. 

Claire Yinguinza and her daughter Nadia, both courageous woman who are calling on the President of the Central African Republic for justice and protection after being raped by men in a local militia. 

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Hanan Badr El-Din, a brave woman who has been imprisoned in Egypt for searching for answers about her husband who disappeared in July 2013. 

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