Raise the Age media success and campaign next steps

Over the next few months Raising the Age activities will vary from state to state. Read on to see what’s happening in your state or territory.

Kylie Williams

Raise the Age had a successful media launch in Queensland on Thursday 9 August with lots of excellent media coverage.

Amnesty International held a display of 150 teddy bears and soft toys in a prison cell outside Queensland Parliament House, representing the 150 Queensland childhoods lost each year by children aged 10-13 being locked in children’s prisons. 

Shane Duffy, CEO of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services QLD, Dr Li-Zsa Tan from The Royal Australasian College of Physicians and Belinda Lowe, Indigenous Rights Campaigner from Amnesty International launched the campaign and spoke to the media about the need for the Queensland Government to stop locking up kids. Check out some of the media coverage of the launch. 


To stop kids between the ages of 10 to 13 from being locked up we need all states and territory to raise the age of criminality and for governments to support and fund Indigenous-led solutions.

Over the next few months, we are focusing our energy on the Queensland, Northern Territory, and Western Australian state and territory governments. These states are guilty of locking up more kids, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids in particular, than the other states.

The calls on Government for each state and territory are the same. However, the activities involved in this campaign will vary slightly in each region. We will be releasing a toolkit soon that maps out the strategy and some tactics that you can use to put pressure on and influence politicians in your region to support raising the age.

You will find all the campaign materials and toolkits on the resources page.

We also invite you to join us online each month to hear the latest about the campaign. The August activist hookup will feature guests Belinda Lowe, one of our Indigenous Rights campaigners, and Joel Clark, Government Relation Advisor, and of course other activists from around the country.

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