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How you can hold Big Tech to account

Amnesty International is partnering with The Social Dilemma which premieres on Netflix on 9 September.

This film launches in the midst of a global pandemic. We’re seeing ongoing racial justice protests, a major presidential election, and a new socially distant school year. While we look to technology for much-needed connection, if left unchecked this power can undermine our democracy, mental health, and human rights.

Now is the moment to come together. Let’s ignite a global conversation about our social dilemma and realign technology with the interest of people, not profits. 

The Social Dilemma had impressive reviews when shown at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. It features interviews with many of the original designers of Google, Facebook and Instagram. These people have come forward to expose the negative impact resulting from how the platforms were designed and amassed unchecked power.

This partnership builds on Amnesty’s ground-breaking Surveillance Giants report and Amnesty Tech’s ongoing work to overhaul the surveillance-based business model of Big Tech. The film is an exciting opportunity to start a wider conversation on the impact of Big Tech on our human rights, particularly the surveillance-based business model of Facebook and Google.

How can you get involved?

  1. Watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix
  2. Invite your network to the Roundtable Q&A on 17 September 10:30 AM (AEST) – and don’t forget to RSVP yourself here
  3. Share social media posts:

    Big Tech’s promise to keep us connected has given rise to unintended consequences like mental health issues, political polarisation, and misinformation. This is causing real-world harm to our health and our democracy. Check out The Social Dilemma on Netflix and join me in rebooting the system to realign technology with the interest of people not profits. #TheSocialDilemma
  4. Host a virtual screening or small in-person event. Please see the event planning guide with tips for organising and terms
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