We currently locking up children between the ages of 10 and 13! Let's raise the age.

Have you heard the recent news that all of the kids being detained in the Northern Territory are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander?

And the Territory Government will invest over $70 million in rebuilding youth detention centres but invest less than $10 million, over 4 years, in prevention and diversionary programs!

That sounds a little back to front! Luckily we have you, our amazing activists, volunteers and supporters, to call on our Governments to ask them to switch it up!

Now is the time to work together to call on our state and territory governments to protect our kids across the country.

Let’s call on them to:

  • raise the age of criminalisation to fourteen; and
  • support and fund Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander solutions that keep kids out of prison .

We have seen over the past couple of years how inhumane youth detention is right around the country. And we know that kids deserve better, and together we can make it better.

Rodney Dillon and Belinda Lowe recently travelled up to the Northern Territory and Far North Queensland to talk with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, organisations, communities, government staff and journalists.

The feeling is that there is (as outlined above) not enough funding for programs for Indigenous led solutions to keep kids safe and strong with their families and too much funding for locking kids up.

Belinda and Rodney met with some incredible Indigenous activists, Elders and community leaders  who are extremely worried and are fighting for their kids futures. They met with land councils, legals services, health services, and most excitingly, Indigenous people who have solutions like the MONA Horsemanship program in Mt Isa, Yinda in Townsville and BushMob in Alice and the Balunu program in Darwin.  All of these people and organisations have seen the horrific treatment of kids in Don Dale and Alice Springs and other prisons across the country for many years and  continue to campaign to take control back for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Can you support our call on our leaders to #RaiseTheAge? There are many ways you can be part of this:

  • Check out our Toolkit for the latest updates, resources and suggested activities.
  • Become an ally of your local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. To learn how to do this come along to our Ally workshop on Saturday 4 August. And check out our Guide to becoming a Good Ally.
  • Hold events in your local community and collect lots of signatures on our #RaiseTheAge petition to demonstrate to our leaders that our communities support raising the age.
  • Share our online action on social media.
  • Join us online for our national Community is Everything catch up on Monday 16 July at 7.30pm to hear the latest news, hear from others around the country about what their doing to #RaisetheAge.
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