Write for Rights 2019 Activist Resources

Here you can find all the Write for Rights resources you need to take action!

Campaign Resources

When we mobilise, our movement can make a real difference in people’s lives. Download the resources below, and get ready for Write for Rights in 2019! Together, we can make more change happen.

Toolkit A3 Success poster A1 Success poster Event poster

Blank Letter Template Letter Writing Guide Template Letters

Social media graphics

Case Resources

Belarus, Emil Ostrovko

Poster Case Card Petition

China, Yiliyasijiang Reheman

Poster Case Card Petition

Grassy Narrows Youth, Canada

Poster Case Card Petition

Egypt, Ibrahim Ezz El-Din

Poster Case Card Petition

Greece, Sarah Mardini and Seán Binder

Poster Case Card Petition

Iran, Yasaman Aryani

Poster Case Card Petition

Mexico, José Adrián

Poster Case Card Petition

Nigeria, Nasu Abdulaziz

Poster Case Card Petition

Philippines, Marinel Sumook Ubaldo

Poster Case Card Petition

South Sudan, Magai Matiop Ngong

Poster Case Card Petition 

Resources for Human Rights Education

If you want to teach human rights in the classroom, check out the lesson plans below.

Yasaman Aryani, Iran Nasu Abdulaziz, Nigeria   

José Adrián, Mexico  Marinel Sumook Ubaldo, Philippines

Host an Event for Write for Rights!

If you’re already in an Amnesty action group, fill in the event form and ask your for concertina cards to be sent to you for your event, it lets someone take four actions (so four times the impact) in one go!

Don’t forget to fill in the Action Processing Form when you send your actions back to us. We’ll post them onto the targets, alongside millions of others from around the world, putting huge pressure on them to end their abuse.

If you’re not in an Amnesty action group but want to get involved, sign up here. We’ll send you your own toolkit and all the resources you need to make a difference.

Couldn’t find what you were looking for? Contact the Supporter Care Team at activism@amnesty.org.au.