Write for Rights Activist Resources

Here we’ve got all the Write for Rights resources you and your action group need for 2018.

For over 15 years Amnesty activists, all around the world, have taken millions of actions to combat injustice during Write for Rights.

Check out this video of Australian activists talking about what Write for Rights means to them, and sharing some of their favourite Write for Right moments.

Write for Rights is about bringing people together to take action. When tens of thousands of Amnesty activists take action; writing letters, signing petitions, and sending solidarity cards, we know that we can create change.

“International support is the most powerful tool that women like me can get. Every single signature for the petition to get me free, made a difference. Now I’m free. I’m no fairy tale, I am a true story.”

Teodora Del Carmen, who was sentenced to 30 years in prison after suffering a stillbirth under El Salvador’s total ban on abortion. She was released in 2018.

Write for Rights in 2018

This year, activists all around the world will take action for women persecuted because they spoke out for human rights; women imprisoned in Iran for opposing the death penalty, attacked with acid in Ukraine for standing up for LGBTQI rights, and disability advocates facing discrimination in Kyrgyzstan.

The world would be a poorer place without women like these standing up for human rights – so let’s stand with them.

Download the resources below, and get ready for Write for Rights!

Campaign Resources

Everything you need to know about this year’s Write for Rights is in the toolkit below. We’ve also created solidarity cards and blank letter templates to use for each and every case, a poster featuring success stories, and lanterns to decorate your events with.

Ask your ASC or CO for a concertina card to be sent to you from the Action Centre for your event, it lets someone take four actions (so four times the impact) in one go!

Toolkit Success poster

Letter Template Solidarity Postcard

Lantern 1 Lantern 2

Case Resources

Each of the nine cases has a poster, case card and petition. Take them to your events and make sure everyone there takes action. The more people we bring on board, the more we pressure authorities to stop abusing human rights!

Atena Daeni, Iran

Poster Case Card Petition

Geraldine Chacon, Venezuela

Poster Case Card Petition

Gulzar Dushenova, Kyrgyzstan

Poster Case Card Petition

Marielle Franco, Brazil

Poster Case Card Petition

Nawal Ben Aissa, Morocco

Poster Case Card Petition

Nonhle Mbuthuma, South Africa

Poster Case Card Petition

Pavitri Manjhi, India

Poster Case Card Petition

Sengwer Indigenous People, Kenya

Poster Case Card Petition

Trần Thị Nga, Viet Nam 

Poster Case Card Petition  Đơn kiến nghị

Vitalina Koval, Ukraine

Poster Case Card Petition

Resources for Human Rights Education

If you want to teach human rights in the classroom, check out the lesson plans below. For more information on our Write for Rights teaching resources, check out our  student resources page.

Atena Daemi Nonhle Mbuthuma

Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh

Not in an Amnesty action group?

If you’re not in an Amnesty action group but want to get involved, sign up here. We’ll send you a toolkit and all the resources you need to help you bring people together to take action. Then, you can get started creating change!

Resources are also available in several languages, email your local Action Centre and someone will send them to you!

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