Write for Rights 2017 kicks off

Write for Rights 2017 officially kicks off this Saturday. We’ve already had some success in Turkey, but there’s much more to do. Here’s everything you need to know.

Success! Release of the Istanbul 10

A court in Istanbul ruled to release the remaining Istanbul 10 from prison on 25 October, although the charges against them have not been dropped.

Our campaign is not over

On November 23rd, the Istanbul court decided to continue the pre-trial detention of Amnesty International’s Turkey Chair, Taner Kılıç. All the evidence shows Taner is innocent but he was sent back to the overcrowded cell where he has spent more than five months.

We will continue to fight for his release and for the dropping of all charges against both him and the Istanbul 10. Defending human rights is not a crime.

International Human Rights Day on Sunday December 10th

Get out and about between 25 Nov and 10 Dec. Take the petitions, solidarity cards and activity booklet out into your community. Show people what is happening to Taner, the Istanbul 10 and the other brave activists we are working for. Tell your friends, family colleagues and neighbours their stories and ask them to help. Together we are strong, we can protect and defend and see even more success this year.

Taner Kilic, the Chair of Amnesty International Turkey, with his daughters and wife.
Taner Kilic, the Chair of Amnesty International Turkey, with his daughters and wife.

Are you being brave this International Human Rights Day?

Are you fighting for justice by holding an event on 10th December? If you are we want to know about it. International Human Rights Day is OUR DAY, our day to celebrate, our day to take action and our day to let the world know about the brave people fighting for justice all around the world. Put your event into the event proposal form or let your Organiser or Activism Support Coordinator know. Knowing how brightly our movement will shine on this day helps us stay strong too.

Activity book – get them out there

Ask your Amnesty office to send you a bunch of Activity Booklets to hand out at all your events. They’re colourful and fun and they do all the hard work for you. All you need to do is hand them out. Take your friends and stand on a street corner near a train station to give them to passers-by or have them at your stalls and people can take them. People can do the cross word on the way home from work or uni as they learn about the cases. They can even sign the actions right there in the booklet.

Enter the draw for a pet bandana

Everyone who signs an offline Write for Rights petition and includes their email address will go into the draw to win a pet bandana. Winners will be notified by email in February and asked for the details of their pet. We can make sure your bandana fits any animal you have. Well… maybe not an axolotl. Almost any pet. There are 10 bandanas to be won!

Snap and send your submissions

It’s easy to submit your petitions to us by email. Get them in fast and we’ll hit you back to let you know that we have received them. Take a photo of your completed petitions (you can do this straight away at your events) and email them to activism@amnesty.org.au.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of brave human rights defenders around the world. Happy writing for rights!

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