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For decades India’s Adivasi Indigenous people have been kicked off their lands and seen their rights trampled on – to make room for business development, factories and dirty power plants.

One Adivasi woman in central India, Pavitri Manjhi, is mobilising her community to take a stand. And local ‘strongmen’ have been called in to intimidate and harass her into silence.

Pavitri says her family and other villagers were coerced into selling their land to make way for power plants.

Since they filed complaints against the companies, two men have visited her home and threatened her. They told her, “everyone who helped you file the complaints are outsiders and will not be able to save you and we will silence them”.

Pavitri Manjhi reported these threats to the police, but they’ve refused to register a criminal case.

Giant companies can’t get away with quashing Adivasi activists like Pavitri. Send an email to the Indian authorities and protect Pavitri from harassment.

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Dear Sir,

Pavitri Manjhi, the Adivasi Sarpanch of the Bhengari village council in Chhattisgarh, faces continued threats, harassment and intimidation in relation to her peaceful human rights activism protesting two private companies who allegedly defrauded indigenous Adivasis of their land.

I urge you to provide adequate security to Pavitri Manjhi and other Adivasi villagers, protecting them from harassment and intimidation, in consultation with them.

I also urge you to investigate complaints regarding the harassment of Adivasi villagers, as well as complaints of unlawful dispossession of land, and bring those responsible to justice in fair trials.

Kind regards

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