What sort of event can I host?

Amnesty action groups and activists hold events in their communities to challenge injustice and take action for human rights. We can challenge injustice in many shapes and forms – from film screenings, concerts and art exhibits to letter writing marathons and collecting signatures at stalls or on the streets.

Activists also join or organise rallies, flash mobs, honk-a-thons and photo stunts –  and let’s not forget the people that raise essential funds through silent auctions, raffles, quizzes and AmnesTeas. Activists are coming up with new ideas for fun events all the time. Log your event below.

Looking for an Amnesty speaker at your event?

Why not request a speaker from our Diverse Voices Network?

Our Diverse Voices Network is an incredible network of youth voices who have been trained up to effectively advocate for a variety of human rights issues and to represent Amnesty on various online and offline platforms. To request a speaker for your event, please fill out this form and we will be in touch to help fulfil your request!

Need promotions for your event?

Complete this brief and our Activist Communications Team will be in contact to assist you.

Want to know what materials are available to use at your event? Check out this Event Materials List to know what to request.

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Please provide a minimum of 2 weeks notice for all events.