What we believe

Everyone is entitled to live in a world where their human rights are recognised, realised, and protected.

But right now, human rights are under threat. We are seeing a powerful global effort to undermine and roll back human rights.

With a powerful legacy of over 60 years of human rights advocacy, we have a real opportunity to make a massive difference. We’ve shown change is possible through decades of human rights wins.

Together, we have the power to challenge injustice and create real, lasting change.

Together, we are unstoppable.

We stand for equality, justice, freedom and human dignity, and uphold these values:

We build people power.
We are resolute in pursuit of our goals.
We hold ourselves to the highest standards.
We are fearless in upholding human rights.

Our 2025 Vision

We have a clear vision for 2025:

Amnesty International Australia Vision 2025 Advancing Human Rights icon   Advancing human rights to make sure the rights of every single person are protected. The heart of what we do.

Building People Power icon   Building people power so we can apply increasing pressure on gatekeepers to respect international law. The core of who we are and how we make change.

  Underpinning our work is a commitment to sustainable growth, enabling the hands to achieve the goals of the heart.

Advancing Human Rights

Our key priorities to advance human rights by 2025:

  • Create a national Human Rights Act for Australia.
  • Secure Indigenous justice to end the over-representation of Indigenous young people in prisons within a generation.
  • Seek climate justice by working with those affected by the climate crisis, and protecting the right to protest for climate change.
  • Ensure refugee rights by increasing resettlement, releasing the incarcerated, and building safe pathways for refugees into Australia.
  • Strengthen Asia-Pacific collaboration to improve regional human rights.
  • Shine a light on human rights abuse by calling out injustice, enabling voices, and mobilising supporters to be part of the change.

Building People Power

Our key priorities to build people power by 2025:

  • Build networks and solidarity to empower people. We are strongest and have the greatest impact when we stand together.
  • Create a more diverse and inclusive movement because a broad range of perspectives, approaches and ideas can only make us a strong human rights organisation.
  • Create a networked, distributed activist leadership to reach and engage all communities to apply pressure for critical legislative change.
  • Deliver human rights education to make sure that human rights are a vital part of Australian life.
  • Embrace new activism trends to continue develop new ways to use our power to drive change.

Our Commitment 

We are committed to sustainably affecting change by:

  • Working in partnership with our allies and with people with lived experience.
  • Embedding diversity and inclusion throughout our organisation, including the intentional addressing of historical power imbalances.
  • Making even more efficiencies within our organisation, from reducing our carbon footprint to auditing our supply chains.

Vision 2025

Unstoppable Together

Amnesty International Australia’s 2025 Vision belongs to everyone who helped conceive it, and everyone who will help make it a reality: our activists, members, donors, partners, staff and our hundreds of thousands of supporters across Australia.

But most of all, this is a vision for the people affected by human rights violations.

Thank you for your efforts in defending human rights.

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Our movement
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Our people
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