Why Skill Up

Do you want your activism to have greater impact? Want to know how to run a great local campaign? Our training modules will help you develop skills that will not only make you a great activist but help you in other parts of your life.

Skills training modules

Level 1 - Becoming an activist

Becoming a part of our movement will give you the skills, experience, networks and resources to hold the powerful to account. You will be part of a community of fellow human rights activists who are achieving social change every day. In these modules you will learn about what human rights are and how we campaign to protect them.

Level 2 - Fundamental activist skills

Our fundamental activist skills section contains modules on the most useful skills that all activists should know, including:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Effective communications
  • Structured conversations on campaigns
  • Public narratives & relational meetings
  • How to be a genuine ally
  • Sustainable activism & self care
  • Using digital tools for activism
Level 3 - Advanced activist skills

This section contains modules around skills needed for experienced activists and leaders, including:

  • Events & tactics: Part 1 – Planning
  • Events & tactics: Part 2 – Coordination
  • Partnerships & Community Mapping
  • How to engage with politicians
  • How to engage with the media
Level 4 - Leadership skills

The modules in this section focus on skills for lead activists within our Movement, including:

  • Recruitment & Retention
Action group development

The essential guides on being a new group member or convenor is where your training adventure begins. Here you will also find the training workbooks and resources to help you organise as well as several templates for the group lead roles.

Student resources

Student activists have always been at the front lines – from confronting tanks in Tiananmen Square, to peacefully protesting in Sudan. Whether you are learning or teaching, here are some resources to help you take your activism to the next level.

General activism resources

Useful non-campaign-specific materials to aid your activism – from policies and procedures, to logos and event sign-up sheets. Bookmark this page for all your administrative needs!