Democracy in action

Amnesty International is a worldwide organisation based on voluntary membership. We consist of national branches (sections and structures), international networks, affiliated groups and international members.

Amnesty International Australia is governed by a member-elected National Board. As our highest-decision making body, the National Board provides governance, leadership and stewardship as part of a global movement of human rights defenders. It ensures that our global vision, mission and plans, as well as any decisions made at the Global Assembly (international AGM) and Annual General Meetings are implemented in Australia.


Currently, seven of the 14 directors of the National Board are elected at Amnesty International Australia’s National Annual General Meeting: the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and three directors.

The remaining directors are called Regional Representatives, and are elected at Branch Annual General Meetings (BAGMs). The Board appoints the National Director who is the Chief Executive Officer responsible for the operations of Amnesty International Australia. Read our Board Charter.

In October 2019, we will change the size of our Board from 14 to 7. All 7 directors will be elected at the AGM. No BAGMs will be held in 2019.

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The overwhelming majority of our income comes from individuals like you, and allows us to maintain full independence from any governments, political ideologies, economic interests and religions. We accept support only from businesses that have been carefully vetted.

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Amnesty International Australia’s constitution is its foundational document. It contains our purposes, our relationship with the international movement and details on our governance structures and processes.

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Our processes

Evaluating and reporting on our work, and continually improving how we operate is key to Amnesty’s success. Below is a quick outline of our our governance structures and processes established by our members, Board and staff to improve how we function as an organisation. Amnesty International Australia is a Section of Amnesty International.

Global Assembly (GA)

The Global Assembly is Amnesty International’s highest decision-making body and a significant element of our democracy in action.
Every year, our GA brings together representatives, members and staff from Amnesty International sections and structures across the world to discuss and agree on our future direction and work.

Our reconciliation strategy

Our vision for reconciliation is of an inclusive Australia where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples thrive and the wider community has a deeper understanding and respect for the Peoples whose land we live on.

The International Secretariat

Amnesty International's International Secretariat is responsible for the majority of the organisation's research and leads our campaigning work. It also coordinates our international governance processes.

Amnesty International’s 2020 Council

The 2020 Council is a forum that brings together leaders in business, philanthropy and the arts to increase Amnesty International's visibility in Australia and raise funds to support our work.