Where we work

Amnesty International has a presence in over 150 countries around the world. Our global teams bring torturers to justice, change oppressive laws and free people jailed just for voicing their opinion.

Around the world we challenge injustice, stand with people and communities who come under attack, encourage governments and others to respect human rights and raise awareness of the international standards that protect us all.

Around the globe

We call on governments and companies to uphold, create or change laws or policies that will protect human rights.
We mobilise people like you to challenge injustice, and put pressure on governments and others to stop human rights violations.
We send experts on missions into countries such as Syria and Nauru where human rights abuses are occurring to investigate and report.
We work with the world’s media to expose human rights abuses and bring the guilty to justice.
We sign petitions, write letters or take online actions directed at governments, groups or individuals to make our concerns known.
We support human rights advocates and activists defending human rights in their own countries.

How we work in a crisis

Whether it’s the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria, the jailing of peaceful activists in Malaysia, or imminent executions in the Asia Pacific, Amnesty is ready to help individuals at serious risk of human rights abuses.

When a crisis occurs, our researchers can be on the ground within days, taking testimony and delivering first hand reports. We gather the evidence as situations escalate and ensure our supporters and the wider community are informed and ready to act.

How we protect human rights

Rights belong to every one of us – but are abused or denied every single day. When this happens, we search out the facts, expose what’s happening and rally people together to pressure governments and others to respect human rights.

Our Vision
Our vision
Amnesty believes that together, we can create a world where our most basic human rights are enjoyed by all.
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What are human rights?
What are human rights?
Learn about your basic human rights, the rights of children and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
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