Amnesty International Australia is an organisation founded on volunteers. Without these passionate, dedicated individuals, we would be unable to achieve human rights impact across Australia and around the globe. We would cease to exist.

And you too can help us make a big impact. Whether you have a spare day a week or one day a year, you can defend human rights. Volunteer work is available Australia-wide in many areas:

  • coordinating events and planning campaign work
  • campaigning in the community
  • participating in activist consultations
  • general office administration
  • reception

Please click the button below for all current volunteer positions

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Please note:

Amnesty Australia is currently undergoing some internal changes to ensure we give our volunteers the best possible experience. This means there will be a delay in processing your enquiry to ensure we find the right fit for you within our organisation. 

We are excited about our new programs and confident we will have a volunteering opportunity to suit you. We encourage you to keep an eye on the volunteer page for opportunities/vacancies as they come up.

Other ways to get involved

There are many ways to get involved with Amnesty International Australia:

Become a Member

Becoming a member offers greater involvement with the Amnesty movement. Members not only support us by getting involved in our letter writing and activities, but they also have the right to vote on different decisions within our organisation and also have the opportunity to become a board member. There is an annual fee of $22 associated with a Membership. 

Get involved with your local action group

Getting involved in your local action group where you can connect with like-minded people and participate in activism-based activities such as letter writing, calling, researching, and other campaigning efforts. 

More Activist and Volunteer opportunities at Amnesty

Fill our our Become an Activist form to get further involved in our Movement, and we will link you with other opportunities to get involved.

Please note: Due to our internal changes, these opportunities are not currently available. If you fill out a Become an Activist form, we will add you to our list to be contacted when they become available again.

We apologise for the delay and appreciate your support, we couldn’t do it without enthusiastic and passionate people like you. We look forward to getting touch soon.

Thank you for your support of Amnesty International Australia.


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Work with us
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