Right now, all around the world, human rights are under attack.

Uncle Pabai and Uncle Paul are community leaders from the Guda Maluyligal Nation in the Torres Strait, fighting to save their ancestral homelands from the risks of climate change.

In the USA, Rocky Myers has spent three decades on death row after being sentenced to death by a judge who imposed a death sentence against the jury’s wishes.

Activist Justyna Wydrzyńska has been convicted for helping a woman in a violent relationship access a safe abortion, which is a crime in Poland.

10 chances to make a difference

Your actions have the power to make a difference.

Every year, real change happens because of Write for Rights.

From 2,326 letters in 1991 to 5.3 million letters, emails and petition signatures from around the world in 2022, Write for Rights has transformed the lives of close to 100 people over the years.

Together, our voices are powerful enough to challenge injustice and change the world.

What is Write for Rights?

Attend a Write for Rights event.

Join an event in your local community and take action for those whose rights have been wronged.

This year, Write for Rights will be our biggest event to date. We will be raising our collective voices to unite with the people at the heart of the event – the 10 global cases. We’ll deliver the signatures of everyone who takes action in Australia to Embassies in Canberra in March 2024 to pressure decision-makers to support their human rights.

Look out for our map – coming soon – to RSVP to a Write for Rights event near you!

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Letter Writing Marathon at the Dutch Office Amnesty International The Netherlands Amsterdam. Every December, to mark International Human Rights Day, hundreds of thousands of people around the globe take part in the world’s largest human rights event: Write for Rights.


Our Wins

Through the power of collective action challenging injustice, your letters, emails and petition signatures convince governments to free people unjustly imprisoned, stop torture and end other abuses.