The Philippines fully abolished the death penalty in 2006. The country even has a strong track-record of advocating against executions abroad. But now all this is in jeopardy after a draft proposal to reinstate the death penalty was introduced into the Philippines Congress last December.

It’s devastating that this proposal is even being debated. If passed, it would make the death penalty a punishment for a wide range of offences, including car theft and bribery. For some offenses it will be mandatory.

The Philippines Government have vowed to push this draft law over the line. They’re justifying the reinstatement by claiming it will deter crime. However this is simply untrue as there’s no evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of the death penalty in reducing crime anywhere in the world.

More than 141 countries have abolished the death penalty in law or practice. That’s two-thirds of the world. Urge the authorities to reject this regressive move.

Join us by emailing the Philippines Congress to stop plans to reinstate this inhumane and irrevocable punishment now.

Take action now and we’ll send your message to these key Senators:

  • Senator Aquilino Pimentel
  • Senator Panfilo Lacson
  • Senator Vicente Sotto III
  • Senator Sonny Angara

UPDATE 07/04/17: In March, the House of Representatives adopted the bill to reintroduce the death penalty. The Speaker of the House openly threatened to strip members of Congress of key positions if they dared to vote against the bill, or even abstain from voting.

The Senate is now the Philippines’ last real hope of upholding its international obligations and rescuing the country from this backwards step. This action is now aimed at Senators. Please take action before 2 May when Senators resume sitting again.

Thank you!

UPDATE 25/09/17: This action is now closed. The current Philippines Congress and Senate have not prioritised this bill and there is no further discussion on the issue.

Amnesty will continue to monitor the situation. Thank you to the 14,600 people who took action.

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Dear Senator,

I am deeply concerned at the possible reintroduction of the death penalty in the Philippines and I write to respectfully ask you to oppose draft legislation to this aim when it comes for your consideration.

The Philippines is a State Party to the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, an international treaty that commits the country to the abolition of the death penalty. The adoption of legislation to reintroduce this punishment in national law would not only violate the Philippines’ obligations under the Protocol, but would also put into question how the authorities value the country’s international commitments.

I oppose the death penalty unconditionally as a violation of human right to life and the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment. There is no conclusive evidence that the death penalty has a unique deterrent effect.

As of now, 141 countries are abolitionist in law or practice. The reintroduction of the death penalty would set the Philippines starkly against the global trend towards its abolition. It would also undermine the country’s strong track record of advocating for the commutation of the death sentences imposed on Filipino nationals abroad, such as overseas workers.

I therefore urge you to reject in full the proposed legislation when it comes for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

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