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End their suffering and ensure the safety of refugees today

The men, women and children who have fled home in search of safety cannot wait any longer.

Across the world, they’re still in danger and living in horrific conditions. Time is running out, we need to show human kindness today.

Your support will help us protect the lives of refugees on Nauru and in camps around the world.

Many people trapped in detention and refugee camps are forced to live in appalling conditions. Basic food and sanitation are scarce leading to a range of health and mental conditions.

This is no way to live, everyone deserves a home.

In times of war and upheaval, children are the most vulnerable. Right now, many of the millions of children displaced by war are all alone. If we can’t protect them, who will?

It’s getting worse for kids.

Across Europe, children fleeing war aren’t just being turned away at borders – they’ve been forcibly separated from their families. They’ve been attacked with tear gas and made to sleep on their own in open fields.

And on the watch of our Government here in Australia, children seeking refuge have told stories of being abused and assaulted in our detention centres – sometimes, by the people who were meant to be looking out for them.

How do we know this?

We’re there. On the ground. Gathering evidence as the most vulnerable among us bear the brunt of increasingly inhumane refugee policies.

Last year we sent our top researcher to Nauru on a covert mission to expose the truth behind the government’s wall of secrecy. The revelations were shocking, self-harm and suicide attempts are frequent, with children as young as nine speaking openly about wanting to end their lives.

“I’m losing both my wife and my son day by day and there in absolutely nothing I can do about it”


This is the biggest refugee crisis since World War II. Millions have been displaced. Families have been torn apart. And hundred of thousands of children who are seeking refuge are defenceless sad and alone – with no one to look out for them.

We must show them humanity. Every child deserves to feel safe.

Each person makes a difference. Every action, every donation is another leverage point. It’s another point of pressure to get governments to make the changes that will ensure the safety of refugees.

Your donation will enable us to protect refugees here at home and defend human rights all around the world.


We rely on people like you

Amnesty doesn’t accept funding from governments or political organisations for our campaigning and advocacy work. This financial independence means we’re free to campaign with objectivity and impartiality and to defend human rights worldwide.

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