On 8 March, we stand together.

Will you stand with women for International Women’s Day in March? Sign up and we’ll let you know what’s happening in your area.

The world is changing and women’s rights are too. Amnesty recently asked Australian women about their online experiences. Three out of every 10 told us they’d been abused online. For those aged 18–24, it was nearly every second woman. More than a third had felt that their physical safety was threatened after experiencing online abuse.

Momentum for women’s rights is building but we’re not there yet. We must work harder, shout louder and campaign bigger to uproot entrenched inequality.

Amnesty has been fighting for human rights for over fifty years. We’re a powerful movement of millions of people and together we have changed thousands of lives around the world.

We couldn’t do it without people like you, taking a stand.

So, let’s get to work.

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