Right now we have a unique opportunity to protect the human rights of everyone in Australia – but we need your help.

In Australia, our basic human rights are not protected by law – enabling governments to disregard our human rights when they create laws, implement policies, and deliver services.

With very few avenues in Australia to challenge human rights abuses, those who experience them are left without remedies, and are unable to hold their abusers to account.

The good news is, the government is conducting an inquiry into Australia’s human rights framework right now. This inquiry is crucial, because it is considering whether the Parliament should legislate a Human Rights Act, and protect our rights in law.

We already have an expert-led model for a Human Rights Act, and polling has indicated strong public support for one.

Now, we have the opportunity to make it a reality – by making a submission to the inquiry, supporting the legislation of a Human Rights Act.

When people make submissions to an inquiry, it demonstrates to the government that there is a groundswell of support for an issue – and it pressures them to act.

Enshrining our human rights in law will safeguard them, and give us all the tools to fight for them when they’re disrespected.

Take action now, by making a submission to the inquiry. We’ve already written it – if you want to see a Human Rights Act for Australia, all you need to do is add your name and hit send!