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A participant holds up a placard reading 'Help Afghans' during a demonstration
Refugees Asia
Afghanistan: Few routes to safety for Afghans at risk of Taliban reprisals
21 October 2021 | 12:13 pm

Nearly two months since airlift operations in Afghanistan ended, those left behind face formidable obstacles to seeking safety outside the country, Amnesty International said today. In an advocacy briefing, the organization highlights how neighbouring countries have closed their borders to Afghans without travel documents, leaving many with no choice but to make irregular crossings. Instead […]

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COVID-19 Global
Pharmaceutical Companies Need to do More to Help Vaccinate the World
20 October 2021 | 1:05 pm

Of particular concern in respect to Astrazeneca is their continued lobbying against initiatives seeking to increase manufacture and supply of Covid-19 vaccines and promote their fair distribution, such as the proposed TRIPS waiver and WHO technology sharing mechanisms.

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Write for rights
Letter Writing BBQ

The Ballarat Action Group invites you to attend our End of Year celebration and Letter Writing opportunity as part of Amnesty’s annual Write for Rights campaign. We will be setting up a tent at Lake Esmond in Ballarat, and inviting passing walkers to take action for Write for Rights. Lake Esmond is where we have […]

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Zhang Zhan in a red shirt.
COVID-19 Global
Covid-19: Global attack on freedom of expression is having a dangerous impact on public health crisis
19 October 2021 | 10:01 am

Attacks on freedom of expression by governments, combined with a flood of misinformation across the world during the Covid-19 pandemic, have had a devastating impact on peoples’ ability to access accurate and timely information to help them cope with the burgeoning global health crisis, said Amnesty International today in a new report. Silenced and Misinformed: […]

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Get Active: An Intro to Activism at Amnesty International Australia

Want to take action on human rights, but don’t really know where to start? Feeling overwhelmed by the constant news of human rights crises all around the world? Amnesty International has been challenging injustice since the 1960s, and a big part of why we can have the impact that we do is because of the […]

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Homemade banner from the Palm Sunday refugee rally in Townsville. Colourful cardboard banner states 'Refugees welcome here'.
Scattered People Screening

Join the Amnesty Ashgrove Group for a screening of Scattered People. Through the eyes and hearts of two Iranian musicians, Scattered People is a story about the healing power of music, bringing together people, cultures and countries while exploring Australians’ attitudes towards people seeking asylum.

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Intersectionality of Refugees Panel

The Victorian Refugee Network and Victorian Women’s Rights Defenders Network bring to the public My New Neighbour campaign conversations on the intersectionality of refugees. Our speakers will be sharing their lived experiences as advocates and refugees. This panel is to bring to light the varying degrees of refugee experiences and to support change for those […]

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