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Egyptian photojournalist Mahmoud Abu Zeid, who is popularly known as Shawkan. © Ayman Aref Saad
Individuals at risk Middle East
Death penalty for photographing police violence

UPDATE 20/07/18: There are only a few days until the Cairo Criminal Court announces the verdict in Shawkan’s case. Peter Greste was freed from an Egyptian prison when thousands spoke with one voice demanding his release. We know we can make a difference if we work together to free Shawkan. Speak up and take action now.  […]

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a group of people holding yellow Amnesty banners standing outside Parliament House in Canberra
Refugees Australia
Yarra City Council unanimously passes motion supporting community sponsorship for refugees
20 July 2018 | 9:31 am

Yarra City Council today stepped up Australia’s response to the global refugee situation by unanimously passing a motion in support of expanding and improving the Australian Government’s current refugee community sponsorship program. “The Amnesty Victoria Action Centre is based in the City of Yarra. Today we are delighted to see Yarra join the growing community […]

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Women's rights
NSW Women’s Network Action Planning and Networking

Join the NSW Women’s Network as we kick off for the second half of the year. Come along and help us plan what you would like to work on as part of the NSW Women’s Network. The Amnesty International 2018 annual Write for Rights campaign (for Individuals at Risk), for people or groups who have had […]

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Eskinder Nega. © Sarah Mwangi
Activism Global
This is how human rights activism changes lives
19 July 2018 | 11:50 am

It’s been a big year for human rights wins so far and we’re only in July! Here are just some of the epic achievements you’ve made happen this year… You played a part in securing the release of so many people In February, Teodora del Carmen Vasquez was finally freed from jail in El Salvador, when a […]

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Close up shot of same-sex couple holding hands. The faces of the couple are not shown.
LGBTQI rights Australia
Queensland and Western Australia one step closer to outlawing LGBT+ ‘conversion therapy’
19 July 2018 | 11:30 am

Amnesty International Australia welcomes the strong condemnation from both Western Australian Health Minister and Queensland Health Minister of so-called ‘conversion therapy’. In a letter responding to Amnesty activists Hannah Wahlsten and Jasmine Ruscoe, WA Health Minister Roger Cook said that he is “strongly opposed to and [does] not support the use of sexual [re]orientation efforts […]

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A light artist stands against a dark night sky and paints the AI candle.
Rethinking Governance update (July 2018)
19 July 2018 | 10:14 am

The Board of Amnesty Australia is continuing our work to ensure our governance structures best enable us to meet human rights challenges now and into the future. We are fast approaching a meeting on 28 and 29 July – bringing together our Annual General Meeting voting delegates, Branch Presidents, and Board members – where we […]

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Three Indigenous children playing in water
Indigenous rights Australia
Indigenous justice

Our Community is Everything campaign calls for Indigenous-led solutions for kids.

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Umbrellas with the pride colours, held out of the window of a tall building. Blue sky is above.
Gender and sexuality Global
LGBTQI rights

We all have the right to be treated equally, no matter our sexual orientation or gender identity.

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Two people hug at a vigil in Jackson
Death penalty Global
End the death penalty

The death penalty is cruel and inhumane. We’re fighting for it to be abolished by all countries.

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