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Three Indigenous people silhouetted at sunset by the ocean
Freedom of expression, association and assembly Australia
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people denied freedom of speech in racial hatred hearing
24 March 2017 | 5:40 pm

Today the Government, who say they are committed to freedom of speech, have gagged the Aboriginal Legal Services and have failed to hear from any Indigenous people about a bill to change the Racial Discrimination Act. In response Tammy Solonec, Indigenous Rights Manager at Amnesty International said: “This flies in the face of Prime Minister […]

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Young refugees near the Syria/Lebanon border. © Flickr/Mustafa Öztürk
Refugees Middle East
The reality of life as a Syrian refugee in Lebanon
24 March 2017 | 12:35 pm

Amnesty International speaks to a Syrian refugee in Lebanon who fled the war with her family for safety, only to be faced with poverty and uncertainty. Six years of crisis in Syria, which began in March 2011, have been marred by horror and bloodshed. More than 20 percent of the Syrian population now live as […]

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An Aboriginal woman holds a banner with other march participants behind her.
Indigenous rights Australia
Racial Discrimination Act: the two-minute version
24 March 2017 | 11:04 am

Following Malcolm Turnbull’s announcement on the International Day of the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (and Harmony Day), that the Federal Government will push forward with a bill to water down the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA), we tasked our Indigenous Rights Campaigner Roxanne Moore with explaining what the Racial Discrimination Act actually is. What is the […]

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The four kids detained at Berks County Residential Center despite confirmation that they need protection. © Private
Crisis response North America
USA: Free these 4 kids & their mothers from detention

Antonio, Carlos, Josué and Michael* and their mothers are seeking asylum in the US after escaping violence and death threats in their home countries. Despite having applications pending for legal permanent residency, the four families have been held in US immigration detention for over 500 days. Three-year-old Josué has spent over half his life in […]

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Person in a yellow amnesty volunteer tshirt stands in front of a crowd of seated people
Get Active! Volunteer Introduction

At Amnesty International, we defend human rights around the world and at home in Australia. Our volunteers and activists in Sydney campaign for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all. Our volunteers demand change from those who can make change happen. They stand together with over 7 million people in 150 countries who speak with one […]

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Gender and sexuality Australia
How do you respond to blatant bigotry in public?
23 March 2017 | 3:16 pm

LGBTQI activist Lizzi Price was recently shocked to come face-to-face with the very hatred and bigotry she fights against – in her local supermarket. Here she shares her story. Last Saturday afternoon saw me happy but tired after a marvelous International Women’s Day rally, so it took a while to summon the energy to go […]

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Community is everything
Amnesty Randwick’s Living Library with Warren Roberts

Listen to Yarn Australia CEO Warren Roberts tell his story. He’ll talk about Indigenous rights and challenges and building cooperation between communities. Yarn Australia aims to ‘to build connection and unity between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and Non-Indigenous Australians’ This is part of Randwick Amnesty’s Living Library series involving local community members talking […]

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Prison bars
Community is everything Australia
Damning report: Premier Andrews must act on abuse in Victoria’s youth detention centres
23 March 2017 | 12:14 pm

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews must end the abuse of children and young people, including children being held in solitary confinement in cells with no toilets. The abuse was revealed this morning in a report by the Commission for Children and Young People into the use of isolation, separation and lock downs of children in Victoria’s […]

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Youth Week – Bring It On! Festival

South West Sydney Amnesty will have a stall at Bring It On! This event will give us an opportunity to educate young people about Amnesty and what we do as well as Human Rights issues happening within Australia and around the world Fairfield City Council has secured an impressive line-up of young Australian talent for […]

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National Youth Week – Creating Social Change Workshop

“GET INVOLVED, BE HEARD, MAKE A DIFFERENCE” The newly formed ACTIVISM OUT WEST group will be hosting a small workshop during National Youth Week in Blacktown. If you are passionate about Human Rights or Social Justice but aren’t sure how to get involved, make a difference or be heard, then let us guide you. In […]

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