Angelina Jolie with the book 'Know Your Rights and Claim Them'

Empowering young people to know and claim their rights

Children’s rights are equal to those of adult’s – and they should have the power and agency to claim them.

When young people are educated about their rights, they are empowered to defend them, to challenge injustice against themselves and others.

We all benefit from a world in which child rights are upheld.

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What we're asking

Every day, right here in Australia, children as young as 10 are being transported in cages and locked up behind bars.

Children need to be loved and supported so they can reach their full potential. Not locked up. Help us call on the government to meet international standards and raise the the age at which children can be arrested and locked up.

It's time to put an end to the barbaric treatment of our children and overhaul our response to youth crime.

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Silhouette of Indigenous children sitting on a fence

Take Action Now

It’s time to step up and give all Australian kids the chance at a better future in our youth justice system.

Our wins

Our movement changes lives. We celebrate the small wins, and the big moments because we know that every step our world takes away from injustice, is a step closer to a world in which human rights are enjoyed by all.

Proposed Alice Springs youth curfew will not go ahead: Minister Manison