In brief

People all around the world face human rights violations at the hands of their own government. Often it can be for simple, everyday actions that we take for granted – like voicing their opinions or belonging to a particular group. Tragically, some of these people will be sentenced to death or left languishing on death row for decades.

The issue in depth
An activist holds a camera and a candle at a vigil
A man holds a photograph

What we’re asking

Amnesty International keeps governments accountable for their actions, and reminds them of the international laws and instruments by which they are bound – like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – to keep people safe and free in their countries. To make this happen we need you to take action.

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Take Action Now

Add your voice, and hold world governments to account.

Our Wins

Our movement changes lives. We celebrate the small wins, and the big moments because we know that every step our world takes away from injustice, is a step closer to a world in which human rights are enjoyed by all.

Good news: Death sentence of mentally ill prisoner commuted in Malaysia