In brief

In August 2017 the Myanmar military launched a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya people.

The issue in depth
Three Rohingya refugee women staring into the camera. An older woman sits in front of two younger women.
Chief Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, commander in chief of the Myanmar armed forces.

Who is responsible?

The Myanmar military's ethnic cleansing campaign against the Rohingyaa people has been relentless and systematic.

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Our work on the issue

In October 2023, with the support of Amnesty International, Craig Foster AM was able to visit Cox’s Bazar and deliver a report on the situation and living conditions for Rohingya refugees.

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A Rohingya woman and her young son smile at the camera

What needs to happen

Beyond humanitarian aid and diplomatic efforts, resettlement is also an option for vulnerable cases. Bangladesh suspended resettlement in 2010, but since 2022 have restarted this for a small cohort who are at extreme risk. As this door has opened, the international community now needs to step up and provide solutions.

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Our wins

Our movement changes lives. We celebrate the small wins, and the big moments because we know that every step our world takes away from injustice, is a step closer to a world in which human rights are enjoyed by all.