Our Commitment

At Amnesty International Australia we recognise that prioritising diversity, inclusion and wellbeing is more than a legislative requirement, it is essential to our success in challenging injustice as a human rights organisation.

We are committed to:

  • Being a truly diverse, inclusive and safe movement.
  • Ensuring that our people feel valued, respected, heard and seen.
  • Providing a safe and healthy environment that prioritises mental health and wellbeing.


We asked our movement to share their idea of a truly diverse and inclusive organisation, and we listened deeply to their responses. 

This is our shared vision: 

  • A broad range of perspectives, approaches, and ideas can only make us a stronger human rights organisation.
  • Everyone is encouraged to bring their full selves to the movement, be genuinely included, and have their differences valued.
  • Diversity and inclusion is embedded in our research, advocacy and campaigns.
  • We will empower impacted communities to be part of our activist leadership and for everyone to be part of our movement by providing a range of ways to participate.
  • We will be an actively anti-racist movement that prioritises building the cultural competency of staff and activists, and intentionally addresses historical power imbalances.

Our organisation is built on diversity. It is important for all people in this country to be recognised in their diversity, not just a select few. When you’ve got proper diversity you’ve got an equal playing field for everyone.”

Rodney Dillon, Indigenous Rights Advisor


The Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing Action Plan 2021 translates our vision into actionable goals. It provides a shared commitment and direction so we can work together to respect and value our diversity and build a more inclusive and sustainable movement.

The priority areas in this Action Plan are:

  • Creating an inclusive, representative and culturally safe movement for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff, activists and community partners.
  • Creating an inclusive, representative and culturally safe movement for staff, activists and community partners with a culturally and linguistically diverse background, including people of colour and people with a lived refugee or asylum seeker experience.
  • Strengthening the mental health and wellbeing of our movement.

We are committed to an ongoing journey of improvement. While these are the key areas of focus, other areas for action will be prioritised over time. Read our Action Plan below to learn more.

Continue to walk this path with us

A plan is not enough - we will continue to add resources and links here which will support our shared commitment to be a better organisation.
Inclusive Language and Events Guide
Inclusive Language and Events Guide
Inclusive language is a way of showing respect for everyone in our organisation and in the community. Please read and use our guide that covers this topic in detail
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