Amnesty works to support refugees and asylum seekers, including campaigning for the Australian Government to end offshore detention and implement solutions that help more people find a safe place to live.

We gather evidence on human rights crises, investigate the situations of vulnerable people on the move, and our global Amnesty movement pushes governments to uphold the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.

Improving refugee sponsorship

We’re calling on the Australian Government to expand its current community sponsorship program for refugees and make it fairer for everyone to participate in.

Community Sponsorship

Ending offshore detention

Our movement is calling for the Australian Government to bring all refugees and asylum seekers on Manus and Nauru to safety.

Ending offshore detention

Refugees worldwide

Young refugee boy holding someone's hand
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Over 1.19 million women, men and children need to be resettled in a safe country, yet only 30 countries offer just over 100,000 annual resettlement places.

Who are refugees and asylum seekers?

They are people from all walks of life – mothers, siblings, cousins and grandparents – who have had no choice but to flee their homes because of war, persecution or violence.

The rights of people seeking safety are not special rights; they are simply human rights such as safe shelter, food and water, the opportunity to work, access to education and legal assistance.

How you can help

Amnesty International Maroochydore group members Ruth Creffield, Nina Ashfield-Crook and Kathryn Allan

Amnesty supporters are asking our government to show leadership and implement practical solutions so that refugees can rebuild their lives in safety.

When human rights are abused, our movement mobilises to hold governments to account and end the abuse.

Thanks to the support of people worldwide, we can send researchers to gather evidence on human rights crises, investigate the situations of vulnerable people on the move, and push governments to act. 

In Australia we also have a small, dedicated caseworker team who support people navigating through Australia’s refugee application process.


Join the movement defending the human rights of men, women and children seeking safety.

Call for fairer refugee sponsorship in Australia
Get people in offshore detention to safety