Who are Digital Defenders?

Digital Defenders are people who commit to change the conversation on social media in order to promote and defend human rights.

On social media, ideas spread far and wide, and can have long lasting impacts in real life. As contributors to digital culture, Digital Defenders help to create a community that values compassion, inclusivity, and solidarity with our fellow human beings. Through their work, they can help to shift public sentiment, influence decision makers, and ultimately defend human rights.

Together, they are part of the digital revolution working towards a better world.

How can I become a Digital Defender?

Taking part is easy, and anyone with a social media account can do it! Our current Digital Defenders theme is #ViralKindness, to help nurture a kind and supportive online community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are two main ways to be a Digital Defender:

1. Share positive content on social media that promotes the values of compassion, inclusiveness, solidarity, truth, and justice

2. Change the conversation when you come across comments on social media that include discrimination or misinformation

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