The Government continues to release refugees from onshore detention. This is a huge win and shows that the Government is feeling the pressure.

Previously detained offshore in PNG and Nauru, some of those released will have spent well over one year in shared hotel rooms, with almost no access to the outside world, yet alone the medical treatment they were brought to Australia to receive.

But there are still over 100 refugees and people seeking asylum from Australia’s offshore detention regime detained in APODs (Alternative Places of Detention) and detention centres around Australia, with approximately 260 still offshore. For them, we must keep up the fight.
These releases show that when we stand up collectively and demand change, the Government hears us. So let’s keep up the pressure!

Call Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews now and demand that she release the remaining refugees and people seeking asylum still detained, and work to find permanent, safe resettlement options so people can rebuild their lives.

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