When people speak out and stand up for human rights, they change the world for the better.

Women’s voting rights, land rights, marriage equality and the five day working week were all won by people trying to make a difference for themselves, and their communities. Without the right to raise our voices in protest, our world would be a very different place.

The right to protest is a fundamental human right. Yet we are still seeing governments in Australia and across the world crack down on this freedom and implement restrictive and punitive laws.

Right now, our right to challenge injustice is under threat from powerful lobby groups and the governments they influence, and we need to act urgently.

We need to protect the right to protest and challenge injustice so we can continue to create change and make the world fair, free, equal and just.

Add your name to the Pledge to Protect Protest now, and upload a photo of yourself holding a sign with the hashtag #ProtectProtest.

These photos will be sent to politicians on postcards and projected all around Australia to keep attention on the issue.