Activist Communications Team

The Activist Communications Team is a diverse group of activists with a background in communications. We offer support for activist event promotions and assist activists across Australia with content creation and communications dissemination. Our team includes a graphic designer, social media specialist, regional media advisor, editors, event promoters, and communications strategists. We are all committed to human rights work and are eager to help in any way we can!

What are the goals of the Activist Communications Team?

Our goal is to provide communications support and create successful promotions, so that activists have the tools they need to effectively challenge injustice everywhere.

How can I contact the ACT?

You can request support from any member of the Activist Communications Team by completing & submitting this brief.

You can also contact the team via email at

Who are the members of the Activist Communications Team?

Activist Communications Team Lead- Jillian LaBruzzo
“Hi, my name is Jillian, and I’m the Activist Communications Team Lead. My background is in human rights, politics and communications. I can coordinate with the ACT team to build an effective communications plan. I am always available to help with communications strategising, building event emails and developing newsletters. I can advise on AIA brand and values-based messaging, as well as event promotions planning and acting as a point of reference for any requests that might require social media, content creation, or media. I can be reached at the team inbox, or via my personal email if requested through a content brief.”

People Powered Bulletin Editor- Mikaela Leeden
“As editor-in-chief of Amnesty International’s People Powered Bulletin, I help to highlight the outstanding work of activists around the country and keep our supporters informed about upcoming campaigns, events and opportunities. The People Powered Bulletin is a monthly newsletter that reaches thousands of our activists and supporters throughout Australia and accepts submissions from all our activists. Do you have a campaign you’d like to shine the spotlight on? Upcoming events that you think Amnesty supporters around the country would be interested in? Do you want to uplift people by telling your activism success stories? Contact me today!”

National Asset Manager- Grace Anderson

“As the National Asset Manager I am your one-stop shop for all things graphics and content. My role is to create content for activists, including, posters, fact sheets, report templates and much more. If you require any visual content for campaigns or events, please feel free to send through a Brief to the Activist Communications Team outlining what you need and by when.”

Before getting in touch with the Activist Communications Team for assistance with promotions, make sure that you’ve submitted a host an event form, for budget approval and support needs.

Looking for logos or templates? Check out the Brand Activist Resources page.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact the Supporter Care Team at