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“Full accountability” sought by Albanese for Israeli attacks on aid workers can only be delivered by International Criminal Court


Amnesty International Australia supports calls from Zomi Frankcom’s family for an independent investigation into her death.

For decades, Israeli-led investigations into deaths caused by the Israel Defence Force have repeatedly failed to hold those responsible to account, underscoring the need for any investigation into the killing of Zomi Frankcom and her colleagues to be independent, and have necessary authority to prosecute those responsible for war crimes.

Amnesty International Australia has today written to Prime Minister Albanese calling on his government to publicly support the International Criminal Court’s ongoing investigation into crimes committed in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and for the Court to investigate the death of Zomi Frankcom and humanitarian aid workers killed by Israel.

Prime Minister Albanese’s calls for “full accountability” for those responsible for the death of Zomi Frankcom and six other aid workers killed by Israeli military strikes are hollow words unless that investigation is conducted by the International Criminal Court.

The International Criminal Court investigation

The International Criminal Court has an open investigation into crimes committed in the Occupied Palestinian Territories since 2014. The Court can hold individuals responsible for war crimes, including through prosecutions.

Despite a commitment to international justice, the Albanese government has so far failed to publicly support the Court’s investigation into the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The Morrison government publicly opposed the investigation.

By supporting the Court’s investigation, the Albanese government will also be supporting justice for the victims of 7 October attacks by Hamas and Palestinian victims of Israeli abuses who have been denied justice for decades.

Mohamed Duar, Amnesty International Australia’s spokesperson says,

“Israeli Forces continue to target civilians including humanitarian and aid workers from the UN, UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency), the Palestinian Red Crescent and World Central Kitchen despite their protected status under international law. The UN reports that 196 humanitarian aid workers have been killed attempting to deliver aid to people in Gaza since the crisis began.”

“There is no chance of an independent and credible investigation by the Israeli authorities that will lead to justice for Zomi Frankcom or any of the aid workers killed.

“An Israeli investigation into the death of Zomi Frankcom and her colleagues risks an outcome similar to that of the Israeli investigation into the killing of Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in 2022, which did not find anyone responsible for her death, and failed even to open a criminal investigation into her death.

“It’s vital that the current Australian Government publicly supports the International Criminal Court’s investigation in the occupied Palestinian Territories.”

Aid deliveries in Gaza

Amnesty has repeatedly documented an array of ways in which Israeli authorities impede the delivery of life-saving aid, including the refusal of sufficient and essential supplies, delays to opening checkpoints and failing to provide basic security guarantees for aid convoys, aid workers who have come under frequent attack by the Israeli military.

Amnesty International’s calls

Amnesty International Australia extends our sympathies to Zomi Frankcom’s family and loved ones, and honours Ms Frankcom’s courage, generosity and service to communities across the world.

Amnesty International Australia reiterates its call for an immediate permanent ceasefire, for unfettered aid to be allowed into Gaza, and its call on the Australian government to not allow the export of weapons, parts, and ammunition directly or via intermediary states to Israel, where there is a risk they are ultimately used to commit or facilitate serious violations of international humanitarian or human rights law.