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Keep an eye on your phone – we’ll be in touch to send your anti-racism ally guide to you! The guide presents simple and practical advice for all of us, as we strive to better recognise and address racism. We’ve included stories of lived experience and allyship, helpful conversation starters, recommended books, movies and podcasts, ways of taking action, and more.

Image of the anti-racism ally guide

Question 1: A family member makes a racist comment. You…

Answer: It’s important to challenge racism when you see it, but remember to support the person to do better, rather than making them feel attacked which will close them off to the conversation. If someone you know has made a racist comment, you should seek clarity on what has led to their comment, calmly explain why it’s hurtful and inaccurate, share your feelings, and let them know they’re causing harm.

Question 2: Your joke about a friend’s culture upset them. You…

Answer: Sometimes we make mistakes. It’s okay. The most important thing to do when this happens is accept it, apologise, and don’t let it happen again. We should never make the situation about ourselves by begging for forgiveness or talking about how bad we feel, as it puts the onus onto the person who has experienced racism to make us feel better. Be there for the person, and in our own time we should work on learning how to be an ally, so we don’t make the same mistake again. Go to for a list of resources to get started!

Question 3: A friend shares a time they experienced racism. You…

Answer: Racism hurts. When someone shares their story with you, it’s important to deeply listen and reflect on what they’re saying. Affirm their experience, and don’t make it about you or how you’re feeling. Just be there for them and consider how you might’ve felt in that situation. Share those truths with others to help them understand the impacts of racism in our society.

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Together, we can challenge racism by raising our voices for a better world, where human rights are enjoyed by all. You are part of a movement defending equality and demanding safety and a fair justice system for all.

From all of us at Amnesty, thank you for embarking on this journey with us as an anti-racism ally. Your support as an ally is changing lives.