• Board Nominee Details

    Important, please note: After the close of nominations, we will publish your name on our website. Your self-assessment will be shared with General Meeting Voters prior to the AGM. Your contact details will not be shared with anyone. We are required to release the voting counts available to any member who asks after the AGM.
  • Nominator's Details

  • Seconding Nominator's Details

  • Consent and Confirmation

  • To submit your nomination for election to the Board of Amnesty International Australia, you must agree and confirm the below. Once you have submitted your nomination form, you will be sent a confirmation email, and a confirmation email will also be sent to your Nominator and Seconding Nominator in receipt of their nomination of you. The submitted form will be collected and reviewed by Amnesty International Australia to ensure that nominations are complete, correct and valid in line with our relevant policies and processes. We are only collecting, storing and using your details for the purposes of your nomination. Please email company.secretary@amnesty.org.au if you have any questions.