These councils, organisations and individuals have shown their support for Community Sponsorship

Join the growing list of organisations, councils and individuals that are showing their support for a community-led solution for refugees that is fair, accessible and really works.

Local Councils

24 Councils around Australia have already passed motions in support of a fairer and more accessible refugee community sponsorship program






Sporting Clubs



Ethnic Community Council of Victoria

Multicultural Development Australia – Queensland

Darebin Ethnic Community Council

Logan Refugee Association

Academy of Indian Music, Aust.

Townsville Intercultural Centre

Monash Friends of Vemasse

Camberwell Grammar School


Ai Wei Wei – Contemporary artist

Tara Moss – Novelist, presenter & journalist

Craig Foster – SBS sports analyst & retired Australian soccer player

Damian Callinan – Comedian & actor

Julian Burnside – Australian barrister

David Manne – Human rights lawyer & migration agent

Prof. Munjed Al Muderis – Surgeon, NSW

Andrew Kaldor AM – Chair of Andrew & Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law

Fr. Rod Bower

Sister Jane Keogh 

Archbishop Greaves

Tom Gleeson – Comedian and tv/radio personality

+ 24,000 everyday Australians and counting

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