Amnesty stands with survivors of sexual orientation change efforts

Amnesty International stands with survivors of gay conversion therapy and sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE) to call for its abolition in every state and territory, for awareness around the practice, and for better support for survivors.

The SOCE Survivors Statement has been endorsed by Amnesty International Australia, survivors of SOCE, community leaders, community organisations, health professionals and churches.

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Amnesty International calls on Australia’s decision-makers in every state and territory to:

  • Improve awareness about SOCE to minimise its influence in schools, media, the health sector, and the broader community
  • Investigate, regulate and legislate for the banning of SOCE
  • Resource LGBTIQ and mental health organisations to better support SOCE survivors

Tell Australia’s decision-makers that there is no place for SOCE and gay conversion therapy in our community: