Many of these resources are created by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and peoples. This Hub features the works of extraordinary people with extraordinary skills, knowledge and passion.

This Hub was made available during 2017’s National Reconciliation Week (NRW). The theme for #NRW2017 is ‘Let’s take the next steps‘ – a reflection on how far we’ve come on the national reconciliation journey, and an invitation to all Australians to join the ongoing journey to reconciliation.
Reconciliation is intrinsic to Amnesty International; it speaks to the very core of our work championing human rights for everyone.

We encourage you to take time to check out and share these resources. You’re guaranteed to learn something new which will guide you as you take your next steps towards reconciliation.

Online resources and suppliers

A collection of readings (fiction and non-fiction) including reports, books and online articles

Movies and documentaries

Amnesty International Action Centres have a range of films available, including from the list below. Please contact your Activist Support Coordinator to find out more.

Indigenous media

Aboriginal Councils

This Hub is not exhaustive. We will continue to update this with further resources. Keep your eyes out for updates. As you can see, a lot of the resources are from other organisations – this doesn’t mean that we necessarily agree with all of the content all of the time. If you have concerns about any of the content or if you know of a resource that we should add please email details to