When you donate to Amnesty International Australia, you might be able to claim a tax deduction when you submit your tax return.

Use our tax donation calculator to estimate the potential tax benefit of your donation by 30 June. All you need to do is add your donation amount and select your taxable income bracket to see your potential savings.

Interested in Supporting Amnesty International Australia? 

Did you know, Amnesty International’s Global Emergency Fund exists to provide targeted financial assistance at the ready for those individuals at the frontlines who need it the most? 

This pool of funds is held in reserve to provide life-saving relief to human rights defenders in danger. With it we can offer urgent support to journalists, lawyers, activists, as well as those working with human rights organisations to continue their vital work exposing human rights abuses without fear of retribution. The fund has operated in secret for years, but the spike in attacks on human rights defenders is putting ever-increasing pressure on it.

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