The global challenges of climate change, extreme poverty and inequality, armed conflict and
widespread violations of human rights require global solutions which reflect the priorities, skills
and experiences of all people. Yet, too often women’s voices are overlooked by Governments
and policymakers.

For diverse women in Australia and our region, this is a critical time to have our voices
heard on peace and security as Australia contemplates the next phase of its National Action
Plan on Women, Peace and Security.

The Australian Civil Society Coalition on Women Peace and Security will hold a series of
roundtables across Australia to provide opportunity for the diverse women living in Australia
and our region to express their views on what peace and security means in practice.

The Roundtables will provide a forum to discuss what the Australian Government can do, in cooperation
with civil society, to limit the possibility of conflict within or between communities,
states and countries, and to provide avenues for women’s participation in peace processes
within Australia and internationally.

This is not an Amnesty event.


Women's Health Tasmania

25 Lefroy Street, North Hobart, Tasmania, Australia


September 12, 2017

12:30 pm

I want to attend