Australia has spoken. We said YES to fairness. YES to love. YES to marriage equality.

Congratulations to everyone who fought for every possible ‘yes’ vote to be posted. Thank you if you attended a YES rally, made phone calls, spoke to family and friends about why marriage equality matters. And thank you to everyone who stood with the LGBTQI community during these hard times.

Today’s ‘yes’ outcome is a tremendous milestone, but there’s still work to be done. We’re so close and with the voices of the majority of Australians behind us, we can finally win this. Let’s make sure every Member of Parliament knows that the majority of Australians support marriage equality and expect it to be achieved by the end of 2017.

They must respect the wishes of the Australian people. The LGBTQI community have waited too long to be treated equally before the law. Let’s finish this.

Love is love. Act now.

Our partnership

© Amnesty International Korea/Jaseon
© Amnesty International Korea/Jaseon

Amnesty has joined the Equality campaign and activists and supporters all around the country to fight for marriage equality. It’s possible if we put enough pressure on our politicians and all work together.

The Equality Campaign is a national movement to win marriage for all Australians. Marriage is about love and commitment and, in a country based on equal citizenship, it should be available to everyone. Check out the the Equality campaign page for more information and lovely stories.

Scroll down for the latest stories about marriage equality and resources for taking action. Already convinced?

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So why do we need marriage equality?

David, an Amnesty LGBTQI activist puts it beautifully:

“Last year I got engaged to my fiancé. The problem is that we cannot currently get married in Australia… Now is the time to make the push for equal marriage regardless of gender and orientation. We need to use the momentum and our voices as well as those of our allies to make this change happen.”

“Whom someone chooses to love should only be a matter for the people involved. Extending marriage to anyone who may choose to partake in it, whilst also being respected under the law should be a right, not a privilege.”

Everyone should be treated equally under the law. It’s as simple as that.